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Fiscal Cliff, part 2. Here’s how to contact your Senators

Many of you responded to my call for action, regarding not toying with the mortgage interest deduction as part of the negotiations on the fiscal cliff, but weren’t sure what to do.  For those of you in Colorado, you can contact our senators via the web links below.  Fill out the form and make your […]

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Tell Congress: Do No Harm to Housing

We have all heard of the fiscal cliff.  One of the items that is on the table in the fiscal cliff negotiations, is elimination, or reduction of the mortgage interest deduction.  I think this is a critical issue.  If congress were to limit the mortgage interest deduction it could have extremely large ramifications for the […]

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Institutional Investors are buying single family homes by the thousands

This is a interesting article showings that for the first time in US history institutional investors are attempting to buy thousands of single family homes for an assortment of reasons.  This is one of the fundamental problems we have in Denver right now if you are attempting to buy a investment rental property, the institutional […]

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As I was mentioning last week, the market is in full rebound mode.

Inventories are very low and prices are starting to rise in almost all sectors/price levels across the metro area. Even the Denver Post is clued in to it.   Click here for article: Home Prices Up!

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The real news is not the election: The real news is the Perfect Storm.

Yesterday at our marketing meeting for the firm it became obvious that the perfect storm for seller’s has evolved.  Thanks to extremely loose monetary policy pushing 30 year mortgage rates down to 3% and an amazingly low housing inventory level throughout most of the Denver Metro area, we have a rare combination of events where […]

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